Crafting Excellence with Turnkey Solutions - a seamless journey from design to build, incorporating every detail with precision

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At BL Associates, we offer a seamless journey from design to build, incorporating every detail with precision. Our comprehensive suite of turnkey services is tailored to navigate every phase of your project, ensuring we bring your vision to life with unmatched quality and innovation.

Interior design

Interior Design +

Pre-lease/ Purchase Consulting
Technical Assessments to Establish Suitability
Planning and Scheduling
Concept Design
Design Development + Technical Project
Permitting Assisting + Documentation
Tender Consulting
Contract Administration and Design Management
As Build Documentation

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Construction management

Project +

Planning + Execution Scheduling
Project Customization + Rentability Optimization
Suppliers Contracting + Negotiation
Bill of Quantities
Technical Assistance + Reporting
Working Site Supervision
Cost, Quality + Schedule Control
After Handover Facility Management

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Procurement +

Procurement, Sourcing + Supply Management
Supplier Evaluation + Purchasing Negotiation
Creating Strong Partnerships with Suppliers
Survey + Evaluate New Products and Technologies
Implementing Procurement Processes + Procedures
Market Research
Purchase Budgeting + Strategic Planning
Domestic and International Logistics

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General Contracting


Management and Coordination of all Specialities
Execution of Works on Site
RTE + CQ Services
Progress Control According to Schedule + Budget
Architecture + Structure Works
Electrical, HVAC, Sanitary + Low Currents Works
Furniture Fit-out + Signage
Working Site Cleaning
Project Closeout and Handover

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Steps of implementation

Requirement Analysis and Briefing

The first step of the process is a meeting between the client and the design and build team to understand and clarify the client's vision, requirements, budget, and timeline.

Design Phase 1

The design team creates initial conceptual designs based on the information gathered during the requirement analysis

Design Phase 2

The design is then refined through several iterations, involving continuous input from the client, until the final design is approved.

Advantage: The continuous feedback loop ensures that the client's requirements and vision are fully incorporated into the final design.

Cost Estimation

Once the design is approved, a detailed cost estimate is provided. This includes materials, labor, permits, and other costs related to the project.

Advantage: This offers a transparent and comprehensive view of the anticipated project costs, helping the client make informed financial decisions.

Contract and Scheduling

A formal contract is drawn up, outlining the project scope, timelines, responsibilities, payment terms, and any other relevant details. A detailed project schedule is also developed.

Advantage: The contract establishes a formal agreement to ensure that all parties are aware of their responsibilities, while the schedule provides a clear timeline for each phase of the project.


The design and build team procures all necessary materials and resources based on the finalized design and schedule.

Advantage: Having one entity responsible for procurement streamlines the process, reducing delays and potential errors in acquiring materials.


The build team follows the final design and project schedule to construct the project. Regular updates are provided to the client, and any necessary adjustments are made.

Advantage: Because the same entity is responsible for both design and construction, any design-related issues can be swiftly addressed during the build process, reducing delays.

Project Completion and Handover

Once construction is completed, the project is thoroughly inspected and any necessary finishing touches are added. The completed project is then handed over to the client.

Advantage: A turnkey solution means the project is ready to use upon handover. The client doesn't need to coordinate with multiple parties or manage final details.

Overall, the turnkey design and build process offers several advantages: it simplifies project management, improves coordination, enables better cost control, and reduces risks related to communication gaps and scheduling. By having a single entity handle every step of the project, the client is free to focus on their core responsibilities while the project is carried out efficiently and effectively.

A testament to our expertise and creativity, showcasing a diverse range of projects that reflect our commitment to delivering exceptional design, build solutions, and value for our clients. Step into our world of transformed spaces.