The Esthetic in the Design of a Bank

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The Architecture and Contracting Company BL Associates continues the series Design for the bank offices. BLA has developed recently BRD Batistei agency respecting the architectural context of the urban area.

The project expresses a concept that is characterized by minimalism, futuristic design in cold colors: white, light, grey, dark grey with red accent and games of light.

The signage of the agency at the facade level is very discreet. Only a few “must have” elements have been used so as not to interfere with the stylistic language of the facade. The access is marked by the ceiling with hidden LED lighting system

The agency is divided into three major areas: 24 Hour Banking Zone, Front Office Area (accessible to customers) and Back Office Area (for employees).

24 H Zone has the centerpiece of niche devices whose geometry is accentuated by a perimeter light band. Intimacy while using the devices is ensured by curved white panels. Surfaces design and the colors combination of the ceilings interfere with the lights, completing the image of a business interior.

The Front Office area is remarkable by fluidity achieved through the geometry of the compartments and rounded corners. The transparency is ensured using large glass surfaces to delimit the offices and the boardroom, but allow for a generous, bright central space where the waiting area is arranged and the discussion space with the counselors.

For meeting and training rooms were chosen chairs and tables designed for public and work environments. The sled structure in high-strength tubular steel with integrated armrests supports the ergonomic back covered.

The business environment characterized as cold and formal includes notes of simplicity and elegance given by the chromatic in grey, white and red accents, the furniture and the finishes like glass, steel inserts or porcelain tiles floor with carpet inlay.

Above all these, the refined-style is completed by the walls “decorated” by the perimeter illuminated marketing panels. Flexible combination of furniture includes pieces which give an office environment, suitable for a bank, characterized by calm and professionalism.

The Back Office area provides the necessary enclosures for the operation of a banking agency, chairs and tables creating an impression of cleanliness and professional working atmosphere for management and executive.

Easy adjustable and transformable seats, in light colors were chosen for offer comfort and ergonomic status for the BRD teams.

The walls are finished with light-colored washable paint. Suspended ceilings of mineral tiles and the cold 4000 K let lighting complete the design adapted for a good working environment.

Project Information
* Project name: BRD Agentia Batistei
* Size: 270 Sqm
* Location: Bucharest, Romania
* Service provided: Design & Build,
Project Management

Project Team
* Project team name: Sorina Schedlinscky, Arthur Toth, Brandon Lee
* Photo by: Corina Olaru