Trend Consulting Offices – Bucharest

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BL Studio Associates completed four levels in a multifunctional office space for Trend Consulting in Bucharest, Romania.

BL Studio Associates follows through its orientation towards creative and innovative solutions to create a fun, informal, young space for the Trend offices in Bucharest, Romania.

Trend is an entrepreneurial company dedicated to people with a growth mindset who want to live differently and to leave a legacy so it was clear it needed a collaboration with a likeminded studio when it came to commissioning the interior design and execution of its offices in Bucharest.

The result was a layout/canvas of design varied environments where the scenographic elements of the first floor intended for the general public and students make out a relaxing/interactive and intimate space flooded in natural light all wrapped in a ‘origami’ inspired structure ceiling. Or where the shades of gray, color accents and geometric patterns drawn from the brand book used on the 3rd floor define the company’s collaborative open workspace.

Although the first 3 floors already offer plenty of variety, the 4th floor was entirely design to provide a multifunctional space for a diverse environment both for the employees’ activities and for organising various events, with areas mainly intended for casual conversations and relaxation that use the same stylistic language of the previous floors.

In this project, BL Studio Associates team was responsible for the conception, design and execution of all areas.